Top Tips

1. Try to stay calm, naturally you will be upset. If you are seriously hurt, call an ambulance immediately, otherwise consult your GP.

2. As soon as convenient, write down the details of the accident, in particular, record names of any witnesses.

3. If you are injured in a road traffic accident, call the Police. They will attend and prepare a report which can prove useful at a later date. If possible, record the name and collar number of the officers attending and the police station they are based at.

4. If your accident is a fall, slip or trip, take photographs of the defect and measure it. This should be done immediately, as there is a fair chance that the defect will be repaired and in the absence of any photographs and measurements, you will have no evidence in support of your claim. Try to report your accident to the Council as soon as possible and keep a record of the date you reported the accident, where you reported it and to whom.

5. If your accident is at work, report it to the relevant person immediately and ask that your accident be entered in the accident book. Record names of any witnesses and their details.

6. Keep a note of treatment received. In particular, record dates and times you attended the hospital and/or your GP.

7. Make a note of your out of pocket expenses and where possible retain receipts. If there are no receipts available, simply keep a note of your expenses and the date they were incurred.

8. Contact Anfield Solicitors if you want to know whether you can make a claim for compensation and leave the rest to us.

Time limits apply to all claims so contact us immediately or you may lose your entitlement to compensation

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