Road Traffic Accident

If you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident either as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or a motorcyclist, then you may be entitled to compensation if the accident is partly or wholly the fault of somebody else.

If you are involved in any such accident then you are entitled to recover damages, not only for your injuries and the associated pain and suffering but also, related out of pocket expenses, incurred as a direct result of the accident.

These additional expenses can include one or some of the following:

1. Damage to your vehicle if you are the owner.

2. Reasonable hire, recovery and storage charges, if appropriate.

3. Loss of earnings.

4. Loss of use of your vehicle.

5. Travel expenses.

6. Cost of care.

7. Medical expenses such as cost of physiotherapy, counselling and rehabilitation.

For vehicle owners, please note that we can arrange a replacement vehicle within 24 hours and have you back on the road with minimum fuss and hassle.

For our taxi driver clients, in certain circumstances, we can arrange a replacement plated vehicle, whilst your own vehicle is off the road.

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