At Anfield Solicitors, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at

1. Have I got a claim?

The simple answer is YES, if the accident was caused totally, or in part, by the fault of another person. That 'other person' can be a driver, your employer, a manufacturer, Local Authority, your landlord or a Professional such as a Doctor, Dentist or Solicitor.

2. Do I have to live in Manchester for Anfield Solicitors to represent me?

No, Anfield Solicitors represent clients all over England and Wales.

3. Will Anfield Solicitors visit me at home?

Yes, if your injuries are serious, or if it is difficult for you to attend the offices then arrangements can be made for a home visit.

4. Why should I instruct Anfield Solicitors?

Because they are specialist Personal Injury lawyers with many years experience in all areas of personal injury

5. Do Anfield Solicitors carry out work in any other area of law?

Yes, as well as Personal Injury, Anfield Solicitors can advise you on Crime, Family, Conveyancing, Employment, Immigration, Wills and Probate, Commercial and general Civil matters, if in doubt, just ask.

6. Can I afford to instruct Anfield Solicitors to represent me?

YES, initial advice is free and we will not charge you until we write to you and inform you what we will charge you for and at what rates. If we think you have a reasonable case, then we can represent you under a 'NO WIN NO FEE' agreement. This means that you do not have to pay us because we will recover our costs from the other side. We will also advise you on Legal Expense Insurance and ask you to check your motor and household insurance, credit cards etc which could potentially include legal expense insurance. For all other non Personal Injury matters, we will fully discuss the issue of costs with you before carrying out any work on your behalf.

7. How much damages will I receive?

You will receive ‘general damages’ for pain and suffering caused by the injury. The level of damages will largely depend upon how long your recovery takes and the medical report. In addition, we will refer to similar cases decided by the Courts. We will also attempt to recover your out of pocket expenses which may include all or any one of the following: loss of earnings, medical expenses, care, physiotherapy, counselling and traveling expenses. Rest assured, under no circumstances will we advise you to accept anything less than we feel your case is worth.

8. How long will my case take?

This largely depends on how long it takes for you to recover. In some circumstances, it is not in your best interests to settle your case quickly, especially if your injuries are serious.

9. Will Anfield Solicitors instruct a local medical expert to prepare a report on my behalf?

Yes, Anfield Solicitors have established a nationwide network of experienced medical experts who will examine you in their local consultation rooms or visit you at home if your injuries make it difficult for you to travel.

10. Do Anfield Solicitors have parking facilities?

 Yes by prior arrangement with whomever you are visiting at Anfield Solicitors

11. Who will handle my case?

This will largely depend upon the nature of the accident and extent of your injury. In any event, the person dealing with your case will have extensive expertise in the respective area of the law. Furthermore,  Anfield Solicitors will make every effort to ensure that your claim is dealt with by the same person from start to finish.

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